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  1. Warm congratulations to love Swarovski November 6 new stores members
  2. Love Shihua Rong eligible for 2015 annual Golden Phoenix Chinese soft-mounted innovation Design Awar
  3. Love Swarovski Lighting once again won the 2015 re-quality defensive reputation brand unit ·
  4. Love Swarovski double eleven hot under the national online and offline promotions underway
Flag Meaning: 1副本.jpg  Love Swarovski trademark together Chinese and English, the English section is love Shihua Ying Wen abbreviation deformation "A" word, summed sailboat sails and crystal cutting surface evolved, sail on behalf of a leading meaning, but also and Our corporate vision the same strain, the trademark color from black and white composition, black represents corporate sound, spotless white represents the spirit of enterprise. Brand positioning: China Lighting in the luxury brand, reflect a classic, simple, stylish, elegant style of the brand. Brand appeal: affectionate message. Branded consumer target: 25-45 years old group, pay attention to the quality of life in high-income families and urban white-collar workers. Brand style: classic, stylish, elegant, simple. Brand Product Features: exquisite, elegant wood and create a family-friendly Crystal Light. Brand Product Structure: copper lamps, zinc alloy, glass pipe, wrought iron lamps. Brand design philosophy: adhere to the natural elements for the design theme, into the Chinese culture elements, as the guiding ideology; with passion to create art, interpretation of the classic lighting products, stylish, elegant, simple. Brand slogan: Love Swarovski, for the love of luxury. Brand Products: oriental charm series, distinguished and elegant series, classic luxury series, stylish simplicity series.