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  1. Warm congratulations to love Swarovski November 6 new stores members
  2. Love Shihua Rong eligible for 2015 annual Golden Phoenix Chinese soft-mounted innovation Design Awar
  3. Love Swarovski Lighting once again won the 2015 re-quality defensive reputation brand unit ·
  4. Love Swarovski double eleven hot under the national online and offline promotions underway
Love Swarovski birth It began an architect encounter ...... That day, a group of like-minded architect sitting in a small courtyard open, listening to the rain, drinking tea, discussing architecture, space, art, culture, lighting together ...... So, about the lighting to make art, Oriental elements into the world of ideas generated Crystal Light! An idea leads to a deeper excavation, Rooted in the ancient oriental culture, Royal tipsy, next month Hawthorn, Fenghuangyufei ...... Cultural bright, decorated in lighting, a legend began; Draw on all-inclusive nature, dew drops, frost, moon, Nikka ...... Natural Vientiane, inspiration, such as springs, a revolution in lighting aesthetics; Natural inspiration, culture to the foundation, love Swarovski Crystal Light amplifier into Wan! "For us, art, nature, love, beautiful ... all the good things are the heart of the pursuit of the essence of love is to use original Swarovski tentacles outline better!" With an endless curiosity to explore everything life the United States might, love Swarovski been on the road ......