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  1. Warm congratulations to love Swarovski November 6 new stores members
  2. Love Shihua Rong eligible for 2015 annual Golden Phoenix Chinese soft-mounted innovation Design Awar
  3. Love Swarovski Lighting once again won the 2015 re-quality defensive reputation brand unit ·
  4. Love Swarovski double eleven hot under the national online and offline promotions underway
Vision: love Shi opened its domestic lighting industry leading companies. The spirit of enterprise: honesty, pragmatism, hard work, learning, and efficient. Enterprise Product Positioning: with grace, supreme, bearing excellent in the upscale home improvement, real estate properties fine decoration, the continuity of public equipment. Enterprises culture: focus, hard, careful, patient. Corporate values: between employees, customers and partners form a community of interests, and strive to make customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, partner satisfaction. Corporate Social Responsibility: to promote the development of China's lighting industry responsibility for the Chinese lighting industry, for themselves and their families happiness and make unremitting efforts. Enterprise mission: to establish a national brand, to promote the development of China's lighting industry's tireless efforts.