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  1. Warm congratulations to love Swarovski November 6 new stores members
  2. Love Shihua Rong eligible for 2015 annual Golden Phoenix Chinese soft-mounted innovation Design Awar
  3. Love Swarovski Lighting once again won the 2015 re-quality defensive reputation brand unit ·
  4. Love Swarovski double eleven hot under the national online and offline promotions underway
  Trilogy, enterprise brand value From 2010 founding date, love Swarovski lighting has come a few years, riding on the wave of industry ups and downs, love Swarovski wind and waves, performance year on year growth; rapid annual growth rate of more than 50%.  
As its leader, I always think, to make corporate conspiracy greater development and survived, what I can do, how to do business?
Motivation can be formed from the transaction needs to be valuable needs; "value determines the price price, fluctuating around the value of commodities" This is a law of classical economics; regardless of which side, the value of large or small is the stand The key to high or low tide in the market economy. I quite believe that to achieve the brand value of a business, inseparable from the "trilogy" that the economic value of personal and social values. Love Swarovski as a private enterprise, to achieve the survival and development of enterprises, we must first realize their economic value. The product is the basis of economic value can be realized, and I always thought that only the original class of products will have an inexhaustible vitality, so love Swarovski original route will continue to go on. To realize the economic value of a business is not difficult, but to achieve sustained development of enterprises, we can not ignore the human values. Resolve labor relations, pay attention to people's labor, so as to realize the social value of individuals to promote the development of enterprises is an important part of love Swarovski can not relax. Old people always say "self, family, country and the world", as long as a member of society, they can not not assume that a social responsibility, corporate is the same. Only when the larger corporate social responsibility, the greater the value of its own. For this goal, Ashby Chinese will make unremitting efforts!