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  16. 50162flowers
  1. Warm congratulations to love Swarovski November 6 new stores members
  2. Love Shihua Rong eligible for 2015 annual Golden Phoenix Chinese soft-mounted innovation Design Awar
  3. Love Swarovski Lighting once again won the 2015 re-quality defensive reputation brand unit ·
  4. Love Swarovski double eleven hot under the national online and offline promotions underway
Product Parameters Brand: Love Swarovski Item number: 澳门金沙网上娱乐登录_澳门金沙网上娱乐注册平台 Color: Lam Tian Jin Size: φ915 * H 630 Material: Zinc Alloy Process: High-tech environmentally friendly plating process Area: 20-30 square meters Whether or not containing light: No Suitable light source power: 40W Voltage: 220V Application of space: bedroom, living room Applicable style: neo-classical, simple European